Restaurants & Café Bars

This area typifies Normandy cuisine which is famous for its delicious use of local creams, butter and Calvados. The fish dishes are extra special. As the fish is caught daily, it is very fresh. Expect to eat some of your best fish meals ever. The Chasse Marée does unbeatable turbot and the Sole Belle Meniére at the Marina always lives up to expectations.

Look out for our own 'owl' ratings for some of the best places to eat!

La Pernelle

La Panoramique – Bar/Bistro/Restaurant.
Tel : 02 33 54 13 79

This is a family run restaurant and Madame Feron and her son Arnaud, who is in charge these days, are very friendly. We are very lucky it is so close to Hibou Blanc – it’s a 10 minute walk from our house. Arnaud is a highly qualified restaurateur and works very closely with his Chef. The meals they offer range from simple to gourmet, depending on whether you sit in the Bistro or the Restaurant. We often walk there just for a beer and the view.

Gorgeous situation. Highly professional. Friendly and near!

Le Vast

The Baker at the far end of Le Vast opposite the river – has a scruffy little restaurant – don’t be put off by that - they serve very good omelettes and chips. If you see locals in there, you know it is a sign of good food.


Is an excellent place to buy wine. You will find it in Le Vast on the right as you go down the hill. Stop before you get to the wood burning baker or the Waterfall. It is due to open a simple restaurant in 2014. The aim is to serve a limited but delicious menu and for you to have the fun of choosing your wine, yourself, from the cellar. Visitors to Hibou Blanc will be offered a discount for their first visit.


Creperie de Quettehou

Just opened. On the left as you enter the town.

La Chaumiere – Hotel/Restaurant. 6 Place de Gaulle.
Tel: 02 33 54 14 94

Conventional; medium priced; family friendly. But we have found the service rather slow of late, so if you are going there with children go early so as to be the first to be served.

Cafe Saint Michel

Café/Bar/Hot Chocolate – simple menu but good with outside seating in the summer (next to patisserie,in the main street).

St Vaast La Hougue

This bustling harbour town has a wealth of high quality restaurants and informal cafes. Below is a list of the ones we use. On a Saturday morning there is a market and you can buy rotisseried chickens and ready meals like paella, cooked on the spot.

Don’t miss a shop at Maison Gosselin...

It is St Vaast’s answer to Fortnum and Mason. The wine cave is a treat for all wine lovers many of whom sail over from England just to stock up. Talk to Bertrand Besselievre – he runs the cave, is a connoisseur and loves to talk wine.

Tel: 02 33 54 40 06

Garden Cour (belonging to the Gosselins)

On the harbour front does delicious hot chocolate, fresh coffee, smoothies, cocktails and tasty nibbles. Outside and inside seating.

Le Débarcadere café/bar/restaurant. Place de Gaulle.
Tel: 02 33 54 43 45

Casual, family friendly, with indoor and outdoor seating. It has a large menu including take away pizzas. There really is something for everyone here. We have used it lots over the years either as a meeting place for a coffee or feeding children or when we have a large group of mixed ages.

Criée du Tomahawk. 1 Bis Quai de Tourville.
Tel: 02 33 54 09 08

This is really a very good fish shop, belonging to a trawler company that has started cooking and serving its own freshly caught fish. There are 12 tables, some inside and some outside.

For the Lobster and the fish and chips!

La Marina Café/Bar/Restaurant. 8 Quai Commdt Albert Paris. Tel : 02 33 54 55 38

Madame Fleury – is the blonde haired lady you will see welcoming customers in the traditional French manner – a kiss on either cheek - runs the restaurant with her husband, the head chef. This is our family favourite and very popular with locals. In high season you need to book and it is shut on a Monday. You will find it on the far side of the marina (next to the sailing club). The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming and the food reliably good. They do the very best Moules Marinieres or try the local Sole Meuniére. There is also a children’s menu. A treat is to have lunch at the Marina, sitting outside, watching the sail boats come and go.

It is just such a nice place to be!

La Chasse Marée. 8 Place du General de General Gaulle.
Tel 02 33 23 14 08

Monsieur Lucas de la Chapelle runs an intimate, first rate, up-market fish restaurant. We go there for a special treat. Monsieur Lucas can sometimes seem a little less than friendly but it is all part of the character of the place and the food is so good. Mention that you are a friend of Monsieur Saxton de la Pernelle, that may earn you a smile straight away or a welcoming ‘ahh’! Please note, it's not the sort of place to take very young children.

A special treat for fish lovers!

The Fuchsias Hotel/Restaurant. 20 Rue Marechal Foch.
Tel 02 33 54 42 26

Up-market and expensive by local standards. Delightful locale with fuchsia covered courtyard entrance, charming conservatory dining room and pretty gardens.

The food is high-end nouvelle cuisine/experimental.

Pointe De Saire

Goëlan (seagull)

This is the cafe that was once a German gun emplacement. It sits high on the headland overlooking the beach. If you like watching windsurfers or children building sandcastles, this is the place for you. A cool beer and soft drink or hot chocolate for the children will complete your visit to the beach. It has become a long standing tradition in our family to finish a day on the beach with a drink at the Goëlan before heading home.


Cafe De France - Bar/Restaurant. 12 Quai Henri Chardon.
Tel: 02 33 54 00 38

This is a very popular place to go for lunch and it is just as much fun if you are a couple or a crowd. If there are lots of you, book in advance because it is a great favourite with the local French who tend to lunch early. The Café de France is well known for its Moules de Barfleur which are whiter than many moules. It does very good frites but do look at the Plat du Jour before deciding on something from the Menu card. This is a fun and friendly place and sitting outside while the fishing fleet arrives or just ‘people watching’ is a lovely way to spend time. It is also very close to where William the Conqueror’s boat, the Mora, was launched. A large round plaque on a rock at the entrance to the harbour marks this event.

A popular place to eat!

Chez Buck Creperie/Bistro. 25 Quai Henri Chardon.
Tel: 02 33 23 12 44

Pleasant, simple, local fare.

La Moderne Hôtel/Bistro/Restaurant. 50760 Barfleur.
Tel 02 33 23 12 44

The food in the restaurant is very good. The atmosphere is rather old French and the service slow – but the food is well worth the wait. We haven’t tried the Bistro.

4 Owls - Food | 2 Owls - atmosphere | 3 Owls overall!


Was once the Versailles of the North see the history of our region.

Grand Hôtel du Louvre Hôtel/Restaurant 28 rue des Religieuses 50700 Valognes. Tel 02 33 40 00 07

Wonderfully 19th century!

L’Agriculteur Hotel/Restaurant. 8 rue Leopold Delisle.
Tel 02 33 95 02 02

Authentic French with good local produce.


La Forge D'Yvetot Creperie/Pizzeria. Tapotin 50700.
Tel: 02 33 40 13 01

This is an old blacksmiths forge with an enormous open fire place used for cooking steaks and other meats. But it is arguably the best place for crepes and pizzas. Children love the food here. It is worth the trip.

A favourite with children!


If you go to the golf club or visit the excellent little museum – which is right on the beach front in the town, you will find 2 cafes doing food. Simple things like cheese on toast or chips and sausages. There is also a Biscuiterie in Quineville that sells delicious home-made biscuits and cake. A tea room has recently been added if you want a longer stop-over.

Chateau de Quineville Hotel/Restaurant – with heated outdoor pool. 18 Rue de L’Eglise. Tel 02 33 21 42 67

The Château is a loveable 17th century hotel (which can be seen from the golf course) with many fine features. Elegant rooms, fine fireplaces, sweeping staircases, inside and out. There is quite a lot of flock wallpaper giving it an authentic French feel. The atmosphere is relaxed and family friendly and we have always enjoyed staying there. We used it as a home while Hibou Blanc was being converted. Several members of our family have held large birthday parties there, dinner then dancing in the cellars. We have also had smaller celebrations in the private dining room, all with great success. A niece was proposed to in the garden! Occasionally, on a summer’s evening, we have gone for an early swim in the heated pool, taking a young grandchild with us and staying on for dinner.

The Chateau has had some really famous visitors in the past. James II saw his hopes for the English throne go up in smoke, literally, when the English torched the French fleet. (For more details see History of our region) More recently, during the Second World War, the famous German General Rommel stayed there. You can ask to stay in ‘Rommel’s rooms. The food is good French, but not amazing. A lake/moat surrounds the garden and in the field by the main entrance is an original ice house.

Place 5 owl rating, food 3 owl rating, 4 owls in total!

Utah Beach

Chez Roger – Restaurant at Le Grand Vey.
Tel 02 33 71 57 65

This is a unique restaurant. It is small and rustic and you sit round an open fire and you eat whatever the chef wants to cook. You may start with some lobster, followed by a small portion of Moules – all locally caught- then given a plate of mouth-watering lamb cooked on the open fire. If you have room, there will be pudding. The Chef is very much part of the ambience and meals times can turn out to be very entertaining. Journey time is about an hour from the house. Book before you leave because the opening hours vary. The restaurant is normally open at weekends.

Great ambience and very entertaining!

Barnville Carteret

On the west side of the peninsular.

Hotel Marine. 11 rue Paris 50270. Tel 02 33 54 83 31

The best hotel and restaurant around. It is rather ‘posh’ and the food excellent. It is the sort of place where a glass or two of champagne, before lunch, on the terrace overlooking the estuary (unusually, there are two tides) is the most natural thing to do. 1 hours drive from Hibou Blanc and you will need to book.

Excellent food!

Le Cap Hôtel/Restaurant. Promenade Abbe-leboutellier (sur le port) 50270 Berneville-Carteret. Tel 02 33 53 85 89

This is a great place to come for an outing and a special lunch. The food is excellent and the lobsters are to die for. The restaurant is very busy especially on weekends when French families tend to eat out in large numbers. Best to book in advance.

Food to die for!

And there's more...

Finally, to add to your options, a Pizza Van comes to Quettehou on a Wednesday evening. Remember too, market day in Quettehou is on Tuesday morning and a BBQ stall does very good sausages, pork chops and chips. You need to get there by 12.15 at the latest as they stop selling promptly the market shuts down.

During the summer months, on Sundays, several of the local butchers have rotisseries outside their shops roasting chicken and lamb joints. They are sometimes a little smokey but most people seem to like that.