Child Friendly Beaches

Hibou Blanc is close to 3 idyllic sandy beaches!

There are so many great beaches you could go to a different one each day of your holiday. Some are long and flat, some small and rocky, some cove like, a few are only useable at low tide. Hibou Blanc is very close to 3 idyllic sandy beaches, all quite different, yet part of the same stretch of coastline. They face towards the island of Tatihou and together with the island, form a large bay.


Is the nearest, has lovely sand and the water is often calmer there than further along the coast, which make it good for swimming, playing on floats or just paddling in shallow water.

Half way between Jonville and Pointe de Saire... a very pretty little sandy bay with a car park nearby, where the water is clear and outcrops of rocks mean you should take your snorkel. It is a favourite place for children of all ages.

Pointe de Saire

The beach itself is well hidden from the parking area by tall grassy banks (covered in the summer months by wild pink flowers and white aubrietia). It is a good beach for sandcastles - they don’t seem to crumble! If that doesn't appeal, there are lots of large rocks to clamber over. In fact some children prefer it when the tide is out because the rocks are so much more fun.

5 owl rating - Pointe de Saire has pretty much everything you could wish for on a beach.

Where Has All The Water Gone? Do look at the tide time-table before you set out. There is always one at the house or check where the tide is with the tide clock on the kitchen wall. When the tide goes out, the bay empties. It is quite an amazing sight.

See beach map at the house for a full list of beaches and directions.

The Pointe de Saire is also the home of the sailing club, an offshoot from the main centre in St Vaast, and you can hire canoes, catamarans or windsurfers. Should you find the beach windy, simply walk round to the other side of the Goelan Café, a revamped German bunker selling drinks and ice creams, and you will find another sandy beach, that stretches for miles.

Utah Beach

If you are after a beach with plenty of history go to Utah Beach, one of the D Day landing beaches. The museum there provides a good introduction to WWII. It is very visual, with a select collection of jeeps and other artifacts, and it is not so big as to be overpowering. Ice creams and drinks are on hand from the nearby restaurant or the open air cafe which does a good plate of chips with pork chop. The journey takes about 30 mins.